Who Are YAV and What Is YAVA?

In short, Young Adult Volunteers are pretty much what the name implies: young adults (mostly of the PC(USA) variety, but there others) who have have chosen to use a year of their lives to work at building intentional community and further the promotion of the gospel, social justice, and Christian witness within the world. The official ‘definitions’ are below, as well as goals and vision statements.

Young Adult Volunteer Almuni is a grassroots group made up of YAVs who have finished their time of service.  We are a group which seeks to live our lives authentically in light of the experiences we have had, and take strength in the general commonality of our combined years of service.  Again, the official details are below.


The Organization for Mission Partnership of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as amended by the 206th General Assembly (1994) states the objectives of the Volunteers in Shared Ministry (later the Young Adult Volunteer Program) as: “…to identify, assess, recruit, prepare, and deploy a large number of Presbyterians for service and learning experiences in cross-cultural, cross-economic settings.”

“To assist individuals and congregations to understand our cultural captivity as U.S. Christians, to empower a new generation of Christian leadership for the church and for the world . . . and to evangelize and revitalize congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA).”

The document also states:

“… as many as one hundred young adults will be introduced to the 206th General Assembly—the vanguard of an undertaking aimed at nothing less than changing the life of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).” (D. Partnership214 1994)

In September of 2009, a YAV alumni reunion was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky. At the reunion, a group of alumni organized into a Leadership Council for the Young Adult Volunteer Alumni (YAVA) Community. The primary objective of the Council was to identify and help coordinate ways for YAVAs to stay connected to one another, as well as support and stay connected to the Young Adult Volunteer Program of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

YAVA Vision Statement: The Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Community will strive to develop connections and to foster relationships between past, present and future participants and supporters of the Young Adult Volunteer Program.

YAVA Value Statement: The Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Community is committed to living in the transition and embodying the mission, by remembering, sharing, and continually living the transformative experience of our service year(s).

YAVA Leadership Council Mission Statement: The Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Leadership Council will serve the Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Community and promote the Young Adult Volunteer Program, creating Christ-centered fellowship and connection through hospitality, fundraising, recruitment, event planning, marketing and advocacy.

The Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Leadership Council develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between past and present participants of the Young Adult Volunteer Program.


Establish and cultivate relations with alumni of the Young Adult Volunteer Program through a variety of events and communications.

Serve as a connective fiber between the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Young Adult Volunteer Program and the Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Community.

Support and advocate on behalf of young adults and young adult programs within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Connect and sustain relationships between Young Adult Volunteer Alumni.

The mission of the Young Adult Volunteer Alumni Leadership Council includes:





2 thoughts on “Who Are YAV and What Is YAVA?”

  1. Sonnie bird said:

    Immokalee , Florida ……Looking for a volunteer missionary to assist pastor in working with migrant farm workers. Fluent Spanish necessary.
    Pls contact Sonnie bird from Peace River Presbytery Task Force. Birdbsm@yahoo.com for addition,l info. A unique insight into the harsh reality that still exists. Rewarding n humbling experience awaits this special individual.


    • For quicker results, contact World Mission office. You can ask to speak with someone in the YAV Office, but WM will be the office to best assist you!


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