Dear Young Adult Volunteer Alumni,

We have important stories to tell. We served many different communities of people both within this country and far outside it, and we spent our time in very different ways. YAV years are hard, fun, stressful, enlightening, exhausting, and, always, life changing. Whether you just returned from your YAV experience or were among the first involved in the program, I hope you never tire to telling your stories!

The Young Adult Volunteer office asks our help to share the stories of YAV and invite others to find out more about the program’s opportunities. These meetings can differ in format—it can be a formal talk, an informal meeting with college students, standing by a table at a career fair, or talking one-on-one with a campus minister.

We are asking YOU to email Essie Buxton in the YAV office at if you are willing to schedule YAV meetings near your home. This can happen a couple of ways. 1) Essie will reply to you with people she knows in your area, and together you two will email these contacts. 2) You can email Essie with the names of colleges and churches near you that you think could be interested in having someone speak to them about YAV. If you know the campus minister, college pastor, or an active college student connected to these institutions, also send their names and emails. Otherwise, Essie is glad to do the investigation work. You can be copied on the email and join in the conversation to schedule a meeting time and format.

After a meeting has been set, the YAV office can offer:

  1. reimbursement for mileage, up to 3 hours
  2. all sorts of YAV goodies to give away
  3. if it’s a big event, the office can mail you the YAV banner and an address label to send it back free of charge to you
  4. their undying gratitude

We LOVE initiative! If you’d like to go out and set up a meeting with a group on your own, please run it by Essie first, so as to not overlap with other appointments.

Not so hard, right? It’s easy, and it’s a wonderful way to remember your stories, meet some cool college kids, and spread the good word about YAV.
With YAVA love,

Brenton Thompson, Sarah Edgecombe,

The YAVA Recruitment Team