by. Corey Nelson

Hello – for those who don’t know me, I am a former YAV who served in Belfast and Ghana, led music and worship at a bunch of YAV events, and now work as an Associate Pastor for Mission near Chicago.  I am writing to share good news of great joy!  Our Senior Pastor, Christine Chakoian, was a delegate to General Assembly last month and was assigned to the committee that considered funding for the YAV program.  She came back and shared in her sermon the following week a desire for our church to provide a substantial gift towards future YAV scholarships.

A member of our mission committee, Susan Peet, heard the sermon and told Christine that cousins of hers were looking for worthy charities to support.  Susan then called me and I was able to share stories of how the program changed my life and so many others over the past 17 years.  Susan took the request for a YAV scholarship grant to her cousins, Lynn and Foster Friess, who responded by writing a check for…wait for it…$70,000.  This is NOT a typo, not a joke…the check has already been sent off to Louisville.

Needless to say, this is an unbelievably generous gift and I want to propose an unusually generous “Thank You” card in response.  I would like for 50 current and former YAVS to send me a summary of how your YAV experience transformed your life, your faith, your worldview, etc., along with a photo or two or three. My plan is to collect all of these and create a photobook (through SnapFish) that can be sent to the Friess’, to Susan Peet and to our YAV staff in Louisville.  If you would like a copy when I’m done, as it will be super cool, I will be happy to have extra copies printed up and sent to you for cost.

Send emails, photos, etc., to cnelson@firstchurchlf .org.

Thank you!  I can’t wait to read your responses and put this together.