During the YAVA Reunion in Chicago this year (2010), we broke into self-selected groups to discuss what’s important to us for the future of the YAV alumni network. There ended up being two groups – one which discussed the ins and outs of a YAVA takeover of the PC(USA) and the other about keeping that YAV-feeling going, now that we are YAVA. At first glance, it seemed that both had very different objectives but interestingly, after it was all over and we were reporting out what we discussed, one idea was talked about in both groups. God is so funny that way. The majority of us agreed we would like to find a way to stay connected with one another throughout the year and not just at events. And by stay connected we didn’t mean Facebook or texting. We envisioned something more meaningful, more spiritual, more focused on who we all hope to be.

The Weekly YAVA Reflection was the result. The overarching idea is this — We are all connected, loved by God and share a special experience. Out of that we have become a people who hope to lead lives that are counter-cultural or at the very least, we are making an effort to reflect this value of service, social justice and equality of all God’s people. Through this small but meaningful exercise, we hope to foster the lifetime of change for ourselves and those with whom we come into contact.

HOW IT WORKS: Each leader will send out a weekly reflection for one month. These can be anything from a bible verse, a favorite quote, a recommendation to listen to a particular song – however the spirit moves us.

TO BEGIN: Essie has volunteered lead us the first month and then we hope to get people to sign up for a month-long commitment to participate as our leader. (Tony and Gabby onboard to sign up for a month). Please sign up!


The YAVA Leadership Council