posting by. Gabby Dannemiller

I dug around the house and found my YAV re-entry packet from 2004.  I’d love to say I keep it by my bedside but like many things from our past, while they might accompany us during major life experiences, often they end up like an old photo album collecting dust somewhere but holding dear memories in them.  And so it is with this – resurrected from the file cabinet.  I was reminded of how much these words supported me and lifted me during a difficult time.  While this time of year is filled with songs of love and hope and Jesus’ birth, I always yearn for a reminder, no matter how small, of how I’m meant to live.  Be blessed by this as we share together…

A prayer from Dag Hammarskjöld (1905 – 1961; written before we were born)

Great and good God,

give us pure hearts that we may see you,

humble hearts that we may hear you,

hearts of love that we may serve you,

hearts of faith that we may live in you,

reverent hearts that we may worship you,

here and in the world out there,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.