posting by. Tony Curtis Russell Jr.

Pepsi in a Coca-Cola World
As I am sure most of you are like me you see the world a little different. This would have to be so because you like me are a YAV Alumni. I always knew I was not like most people.  I saw the world as a great musical.  Full of notes to which we as humans could learn and grow.  Harmony in which we could sing together as the rousing crescendo of our voices rose to the heavens.  Add some great costumes and a flair for dramatics and it was a great world in my mind.
I realized this even more as I embarked on the journey that was my YAV year.  I was going to change the world.  Hahahahahahah!  I, Tony Curtis Russell Jr., was going to be the greatest YAV ever.  Oh my. I got to Atlanta thinking this is my city.  I spent summers here and have family here so obviously this would be a piece of cake. I am going to make a difference, be the change.  I am the black fat version of Mother Teresa and Princess Di. I will stand upon the balcony of this year and announce to the world, like Evita, I am your servant and I shall lead you. Exit stage left (I told you I like dramatics).
Alas, I very quickly found out what the world needed was for me to calm down.  I was trying so hard and getting nowhere.  What was I doing wrong?  On a very low day for me I decided to go for a walk and as I am walking had a thirst. “Hmm, a Pepsi would really be nice,” I said to myself, as at that time I absolutely hated Coke. After going to four stores I ended up with a juice.  As many of you know Atlanta is home to Coca Cola, so finding a Pepsi is like finding a hay colored needle in a hay stack.
After several days of still trying to find a Pepsi, two things hit me like a broom hitting Goofy in a Disney short:
The first being that I was like that Pepsi in World of Coke (registered trademark). I was trying way too hard to be something I already was. And that was being something different. I was a Pepsi coming to do what I was born to do; to just be me. My job was to not be in competition but just be something that someone else could get refreshment from.
The second thing that hit was that life was a piece of cake. We just have to make the cake to have a peice. It’s about working hard to enjoy every yummy bite.
As we embark on this New Year lets us remember that in which makes us great. Within ourselves we each have a light that only God could have given us. It is ours to shine upon the world and the best part is that no one else has what we have inside. So no matter if you are Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or  iced coffee (Shout out to Heather G, lol), be the best you can be and refresh the world with your own unique you. Have a big piece of cake. You’ve worked hard to make it. Happy New Year.