posting by Tony Russell

Remembering our Saints

We are blessed as people of God to know Angles and Saints. We have the unique and  and joyful honor to know that sometimes God lets those spacial people walk among us on earth. They are people that inspire us and comfort us makes us smile feel warm, and give us the peace of mind to make it through the very toughest situations. I have had a few people like that in my life and have taken so much from what they have given me. In 1995 I lost my grandmother a woman to whom I was very close to. She was my world now as where no one will ever be Minerva Harris there was some one that filled that void, for me and she never even knew. Roberta Dudley was this person for those of you who do not know this is also the mother of Bridgette Lewis( Bridgette works in the national volunteer office).
Miss Rodie as we called her was a comfort that was beyond needed. Coming in every Sunday to see her smile and one of her many fabulous Sunday hats brought, a smile to me face week after week. She had a spirit that just poured out of her she  was warm and inviting. She was a ray of sunshine and fresh baked cookies in human form. How could I not love her it was because of her that not only did I have a second mom in Miss Bridgette. Also one of my best friends Bridgette’s son Leon and also Britteny and Button all people I love and consider family. Miss Rodie is the truest of the saints.  Caring for those that needed someone to just show them they did. Loving those that needed that feeling.
She was a giver a true person that loved her God her family and her church she even loved a boy looking for the comfort of a grandmother. A boy who needed that hug and needed that feeling of all is right in the world. When I would go into to the sanctuary for service one of the first things I did was go to her and kiss her cheek. The response was always the same from her “alright now make my day” something I looked forward to hearing every time I saw her. She went on to sit next to God on Jan 14th 2011. I never got the Chance to tell her that all those kisses on the cheek. All those hugs and all those times during my yav year she prayed for me, and asked how i was doing it was she that was very much making my day. I will forever be grateful for her  being a grandmother an angel and my saint.
It is said that we should give people their flowers while they are still living. Sadly sometimes time slips from us and we forget to tell people thank you and that we love them. How they changed our lives so let us all do our best to remember them and and hug them and take a page from my sweet Miss Rodie and make their day.