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post by Jason Cashing


Today was a long day.

There was actually nothing wrong with the day – worship was actually quite nice, I visited & laughed with a congregant who is in the hospital, and was fairly productive around the house. I even managed to get in a little exercise! That is, if Wii Fit (trademarked) can be considered exercise… All in all, it was a good day.

But I woke up to snow. Again. And not the light, fluffy kind. The gray, wet, heavy kind. Which fell on top of all the rain that we received yesterday. It was not fun to shovel. It held a pall over all the other good of the day. It made what would have otherwise been an above average day into just another long day, in which winter refuses to relinquish it’s hold.

It’s amazing how much weather can wear us down, and by ‘us’ I suppose I mean ‘me.’ I guess my time in Austin had a bit of an affect on me, as I’m now serving a church less than 20 miles from where I now live. After an aggregate 26 years in this part of the country, one would think that I would be inherently used to this weather by this time in my life.

But this is simply a way of saying that, regardless the reason, we all have days in our lives which are long days. These are the days when even the mental highlight reel of our YAV experience (along with the other great experiences of our lives) are not enough to shake us from the funk in which we seem to be caught. At this point, I’d like to invite you to pause in the reading of this reflection and click on the link below. It’s ok, we’ll be here when you get back.


It’s entirely possible you’ve heard this song before. For me, though, every time I listen to it I hear God. Even on my worst days, most cynical days, days on which I wonder if we’ll ever make a real difference or if I’ll survive in this area which is very opposite from me theologically and politically, I can take comfort in the knowledge that God knows, and God cares. Regardless of how fed up I may be at any given time (which thankfully as not as often as one might infer from my previous sentence), I am reminded that there is indeed beauty in this world, and it does come from God. The same God that created us, called us, renews and strengthens us. What a marvelous realization this is!

I pray you find beauty in your world today, and that is brings you also to love.