Even though it was a little more than a decade now, I still remember the anticipation (read: uncertainty, downright fear) of that weekend.  We had gathered in the wilderness, wondering, hoping, praying that God might just give us a sign and point us in the direction to travel, making the whole process INFINITELY easier! I’m still not sure whether or not that happened…

It was Placement, and I, along with a few score others, were gathered to discern where we would serve as YAVs in the coming year.  A weekend I know y’all have your own stories of, and which you remember in your own ways.  My placement weekend has been on my mind these last few days as, similarly, a few score of young adults have gathered this past weekend to do the same. And now that the weekend has once again come to a close, those same scores of young adults are now facing the next year of their life with at least an idea of what’s ahead of them. They may be nervous, excited, anxious, grateful, uncertain (still)…and most likely are all of that and more.

But if I had to guess, I would also say that they are faithful. I say this because I know what led them to this point, as do you. I say this because I know what they have been through and will go through, as do you. And if you and I are any indication, then I also believe that they will come through this experience with more than they anticipated, but that it will likewise be good.

So take a few moments, and remember your placement event, as well as what led you up to that point. What were some of your prevailing thoughts and emotions? Where did you find God in the midst of it all? What did your friends and family say?

And then, take a few moments to say a prayer for all those who have just gone through this weekend, and are now looking to a horizon which is a little further out…Amen.