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My high school reunion was this past weekend – 15 years, can you believe it?  I’m still not sure I can.  I didn’t go; I haven’t made it to a reunion yet.  I have nothing against reunions in general, or the people I graduated with.  It just doesn’t seem…connected to me, anymore.  High school was such an other ‘me’ that each year, around this time, I wonder if it’d really be worth going back and seeing people, making small-talk with people I haven’t seen or talked to, well, since graduation.  That isn’t who I am anymore; it’s not the people I’m connected with, or the part of my life that has the most meaning for me.

But it does get me wondering, especially with the upcoming YAVA Reunion (Labor Day Weekend, John Knox Ranch – sign up now!), where are you now?  Whether it’s one year, five years, ten years out since your time of service, where are you?  Are you still connected to the part of your life that was service as a Young Adult Volunteer?  Do you know what’s going on in the communities where you served, with the people you walked with during your time there?  Does what you learned/experienced still shape you in your own particular “here & now”?

I don’t ask these questions in passing, or just to get you thinking; I REALLY do want to know!  If you’re interested, post it in the comments section below.  Or, if it’s up your alley, consider this: I’d like to start a writing project around this topic, so if you’d like to take part in writing such a reflection and having it posted here, email us (yavalumni@gmail.com) and we’ll start posting those stories here, for others to see, reconnect, and remember.  It’ll be like our own virtual reunion as we get geared up for the face-to-face reunion in a couple months.  As always, it promises to be a good time, made better by your presence.

Peace, Jason Cashing (Alaska ’01, Montana ’02)