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The following is from Blair Buckley:

“The Advocacy and Sustainability team is off to a great start for 2012.  We are in the process of expanding and clarifying our team goals for this year. At a recent meeting, we talked about the need to better connect with both college and graduate students, and to find ways to advocate for YAV outside of the PCUSA.  We also reviewed how the YAV program has been advocated for through a few events in the past several months, including the Presbyterians for Earth Care National Conference, and the ACPE Conference. We looked at the YAV Wikipedia page that Essie and Andy Rector put together last year, which has a great section of statistics about the vocations many YAV alums have chosen and the ways in which they have continued to be leaders in the PCUSA. According to these statistics, the YAV experience has helped shaped many leaders within the PCUSA and beyond. That is because it is a YAVolution! J The web address for this Wikipedia page is:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Adult_Volunteer_Program

” The Advocacy and Sustainability team is also gearing up for General Assembly 2012, seeking to have as much YAVA representation as we can.  We have also been discussing the possibility of submitting a financial overture for YAV.  Other PCUSA events and conferences we hope to have a YAVA presence at this year include the NEXT Conference, the National Multicultural Conference, and the National Gathering of Presbyterian Women.”

Thanks, Blair, and everyone else working on these great projects!