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Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and as your Social Media guy was on vacation, nothing got posted. Even though I think the idea of weekly Wednesday post is a great idea during Lent. Let’s just pick that up from here, shall we?

Below is a post that was written on Ash Wednesday, for the beginning of Lent. It comes from David and Amy, who are currently in the midst of their year in Kenya. Read the post below, and if you’d like to check out their other musings/updates, go here.

“Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Blog

Today is the first day of Lent, and since I have not written a blog for a while, its seems a good time to restart. The last few years Amy and I have given up something we wanted to know we could live without (meat, ice cream, cheese, etc.) This year we chose something harder. This year we are giving up living in America.
Some may laugh since we are already giving that up, but this is very serious for us. The last few months have been an intense roller coaster of ups and downs; solace and despair; love and hate; welcomed and bullied.
We are getting used to some things, but every day usually involves a happy high, and a depressed low. Rarely a day passes when neither of think about going home home, back to mommy’s arms, and daddy’s protection. Rarely a day goes by that does not trigger some recent psychological or emotional scarring.
What keeps us going are the things to look forward to. Aunt Lee Ann’s trip in February gave us a chance to rest, relax, reflect, and leave East Africa (without actually leaving East Africa). Next week, during a short term break, we are planning on venturing to Jinja, Uganda and the source of the Nile for some adrenaline-pumping white-water rafting. April (beginning with Easter) will bring a long break between terms, which should include Nairobi (where it is easier for a mzungu to go unnoticed), a YAV retreat (possible to the island of Zanzibar), and other East African adventures. May will bring Mom and Dad Wigger, and June brings the Benish/Wadsworth clan. March (and very appropriately Lent) leaves us with our last, long, challenging period. Our last stretch with little or nothing to look forward to. (We may try to do something/go somewhere for Amy’s B-day, March 23, but it won’t be far or long.
So for Lent this year, we are giving up living in America, living in familiarity; we are giving up fitting in, being in control, and not being different. This Lent we will push through, hopefully, our toughest month left, and come out stronger on the other side.
During Lent, I always desire to eat meat, crave a piece of chocolate, or sneak a little ice cream when Amy isn’t looking. This Lent I will want to go home, will crave a hug from family, and will sneak back to Western society through movies, books, and maybe a night in Kisumu.
But I always come out of Lent stronger. I always leave a better person. I always am proud I made it. And I always come out more faithful. This Lent I am giving up living in America, and hopefully it will help me live in the promise land (or at least catch some glimpses of it.)

Guide my feet…
while I run this race.
Guide my feet…
while I run this race.
Guide my feet…
while I run this race.
For I don’t want to run this race in vain.
race in vain.”