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Hello friends, and welcome to the 220th General Assembly! May the odds – oops, wrong storyline…

Regardless, General Assembly is coming up, and coming up quickly! Are you going to be there? Are you wondering how you might connect with other YAV and YAVA? Have you heard about the YAV-related business coming in the form of an overture? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ then read on!

First – there will be many YAV and YAVA at GA, and we want to see you! First up is a planned meet-up/dinner at Seviche (near the Convention Center), from 5:45pm to 8:00pm (or beyond, it’s up to you!), on Tuesday, July 3. If you want more info, check the YAVA facebook page. Also, if you want unplanned meet-ups, then feel free to wander around the exhibit hall yelling “HEY YAV-AAAA!!!” until you find someone you know or wants to know more about the program. Which leads us to…

The exhibit hall. YAV will have a table in connection with World Mission, but here’s the thing: We need people to volunteer to stand at the table and accost invite people to learn more about the program/answer questions. As you may have heard, there’s a bit of restructuring going on in World Mission (all of it ultimately beneficial for the program, but more on that later), but that means that we won’t have a staff person available to be at the table all the time. We’re hoping that any YAVA at GA could consider spending a few hours to stand at the table. If you’re at all interested, or think you’d be able, or want to know what time periods still need help, please email our Advocacy person Blair Buckley (buckley.blair85 @ gmail dot com). Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Lastly – we have an overture going before committee, at the very least! The Presbytery of Western New York approved an overture (Number 10-03) which, if passed, had the intent of increasing funding for the program. But here’s the good news: The recent restructuring means that there is a renewed desire to support young adults in the denomination, and that means that (as of a few weeks ago) the program is in great shape for the years to come! There’s already been increase for the program, and in greater ways than we could hope! WHOOO-HOOO! Hence, while we want to keep the intent of the overture, we actually don’t want it to pass, as such an event would largely supersede (un-do) the great strides that have recently been enacted. So, how can you support? Simple! Ask congregations, presbyteries, and individuals to: Pray for the program and its participants; encourage people to volunteer for the program and to help the program; and continue to give financially – it’s tax-deductible, and can even be done online and through PayPal (one-time or recurring). Most of all, we ask that, should you get the chance, COMMEND the General Assembly Mission Council for their diligent work and the efforts they are supporting/enacting to increase the emphasis on young adults in the denomination!

That’s a lot, I know, but GA is a busy time! Hope to see you there!