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If you’ve been following along at home, you may have noticed that there was an Overture submitted to the General Assembly Mission Council requesting an increase in funding for the YAV program. Two days ago, it came before discussion, and it was simultaneously defeated (which we wanted to be the outcome) and approved (which we also wanted). Let me explain.

As was mentioned in a previous post, the original overture would have undone much that World Mission and GAMC recently approved, or at least severely hindered their work. So…we didn’t want the original overture to pass. But what did we want, then? Simple: Promotion and increase of the program, with official encouragement from the GAMC. The recommendation made by Overture Advocate Jason Cashing included three deliberate actions: Invite individuals, congregations, and mid-Councils into ongoing prayer for YAV participants and the program; Encourage recruitment through active promotion of the program in congregations and mid-Councils, and; Challenge individuals, congregations, and mid-Councils to, over the next five years, increase their mission giving by 10.01%, dedicated to young adults in mission.

At this point, a member of the Mission Coordination committee and soon-to-be YAV Piper Madison (North Alabama Presbytery) made the following substitute motion:

“In recognition of the new directional goal of the General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) regarding young adults, which includes reducing the funding responsibilities for individual young adult volunteers, the 220th General Assembly (2012) directs the GAMC to increase promotion of this vital and dynamic program to mid councils while encouraging mid councils to increase their mission funding by 10.01 percent beyond the Pentecost offering over the next five years, dedicated to inspiring, equipping, and connecting with young adults to further enable their ability to serve nationally and internationally in the name of Jesus Christ.”

After a bit word-smithing to make it the above ‘perfected’ motion, it was unanimously approved (50-0-0) to be sent before General Assembly plenary for official approval! We of the YAVA Leadership Council (and World Mission staff, I’m told) are very excited for this, because of the promotion and support of the YAV program into the future. Please feel free to contact your congregations and mid-Councils to support this recommendation, especially once it receives approval from the full General Assembly (or even if, for some reason, it doesn’t)!