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Hey friends!

Today kicks off a week of blitzing to promote the YAV program! We want to not only remember and laugh about the good & meaningful times of our own experiences and service, but to also share them with others so that we can invite others to serve as well!  Today’s theme is: What is your favorite memory from your time of service?

Personally, I think my favorite memory can best be summed up as a sense of belonging, not just to a program, but to a group of people, a community. I was a valued member of the little town in which I served, and was loved by them as much as I loved them.  It was a powerful feeling, that I still carry with me, and can feel as I type this.

But what about you? What’s your favorite memory? We want to know! Feel free to share in the comments of this blog, on Twitter using the hashtag #YAVrocks, or in the comments of our FaceBook group. And don’t just share them here; tell someone you know, someone who may be considering YAV or knows someone considering YAV, and invite them to create their own favorite memory!