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That’s right – it’s Day 2 of a week of remembering the times of your experience: the blessings, the challenges, and all the things that make us laugh! All week long we’ll be prompting you to remember (and share) these times, but not just for our own sake – we want you to share them with a young adult in your area, your community, your congregation, inviting them to explore what a year (or more) of service might mean for their lives, as well!  And today’s theme is: What was your most embarrassing moment?

We’re not looking for those shamefully embarrassing moments, just the ones that we can look back at now and laugh upon. I’ll even offer up mine to break the ice…

I think my most embarrassing moment from my time of service would have to be shortly after New Year’s of the year I was in Alaska. During the senior high retreat, my colleague and I allowed our heads to be shaved as an incentive. Not long after the retreat was over, my fellow volunteers and I went out in downtown Juneau, and while we were out a let someone feel my scalp for $1 – I felt safe knowing that my fellow YAVs were right there with me, but it was also a strange and unique experience!

What was an humorous, embarrassing moment during your service? Feel free to share here, on Twitter (#YAVrocks), or on the FaceBook page – or, feel free to laugh at private memories. Either way, tell a friend about the YAV program – applications for international service are being accepted now!