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OK, so the theme of today’s social media blitz is not actually a favorite childhood game, although we YAV & Alum tend to be fond of playing such games when we gather together!  Rather, today’s theme is ‘How did you find the YAV program?’  As usual, members of the YAV Alum Leadership Council weigh in…

Monisha Smith (co-vice-moderator & Associate-Elect for Recruitment): “I discovered the YAV program while at Montreat, I was a member of PSST (Presbyterian Student Strategy Team). PSST sent me to a conference at Montreat and I was introduced to the YAV program.”

Maggie Leonard (moderator): “I found out about the YAV program through the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at UNC Chapel Hill.”

Sarah Leer (event planning/reunion): “I worked at the National Offices of the PCUSA in Higher Education ministries right after graduating from Wake Forest. I worked with people in the YAV office and I was excited about the energy and passion of the YAVs in the program and those in same was true of the people who worked with YAVs. After attending Columbia Seminary, I met many YAVAs and felt called to the program.”

Blair Buckley (advocacy): “I found the YAV program through College Conference at Montreat.”

Jason Cashing (social media): “I found the YAV program through the word of mouth, example, and encouragement of a friend at church who went through it first.  Through him, four others of us in our church became YAVs.”

So, there you have it! Most of us came to the YAV program through different ways, but there is something of a common theme: Word of Mouth from those who have previously been volunteers.  Which proves again that we are each the best recruiters for the program in our communities and areas.  Who are you being led to reach out to and invite into a year of service for a lifetime of change?

Feel free to let us know how you found the YAV program, how it found you, or what ideas you might have for better recruiting (Monisha, I know, is open to ideas & insights!).  Leave a comment here on the blog, via Twitter (#YAVrocks), or on FaceBook.  And if you need some encouragement (or something else to read on this Friday morning) check out this post from last month.