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Good Sunday morning, all you fine folks out there! Yesterday was a bit of a Sabbath-break from our daily blitzing, but today we’re back at it again! I hope that this day brings with it joy, peace, and a reminder of the Divine at work in your life.

As we approach a time of giving thanks, we also approach a time of remembering prophetic promises, and we begin to dream of what might come next to/for this world of ours and all her hurts.  And as such, this brings us to our seventh and final theme of this social media blitz: What are your hopes for the YAV program?  To start the conversation, members of the YAV Alumni Leadership Council once again weigh in…

Monisha Smith (co-vice-moderator and Associate-Elect for Recruitment): “For it to grow. For more people to become aware of this AMAZING opportunity, that truly is life changing. You can never have enough YAVs in this world. :-)”

Maggie Leonard (moderator): “I hope—for young folks, not the program—that more young folks will be open to the possibility of being changed by an amazing and sometimes uncomfortable experience.  I think this is wonderfully supported by the YAV program.”

Jason Cashing (social media): “I hope that the YAV program will continue to provide a catalyst for more and more individuals to both encounter God in new and exciting ways, and that it will continue to enable and encourage leaders for a church who needs their energy and passion to see Christ served in new and authentic ways.”

So what are your hopes for the YAV program, moving forward? I know there have been half-serious discussions about finding an island to claim in the name of YAV Alumni and create a just and peaceful community, but what else would you like to see realized?

Remember: Share your thoughts here in the comments of the the blog, via Twitter (#YAVrocks), and/or on our FaceBook page. But most of all, share your thoughts, experiences, memories and the invitation with people in your churches and communities! Trust me, you’ll be better off for it.  Thank you for joining our little blitz this past week, and stay tuned in the future!