And who better to be a YAV site coordinator than a YAVA? We hope many of you will apply!

See the job description attached and contact Rev. Lindy Vogado (the Search Committee Chair and a friend to many YAVA) at (501)-227-0000 for more information or send a resume and cover letter to her at Second Presbyterian Church / 600 Pleasant Valley Dr. / Little Rock, AR 72227

LR YAV Site Coordinator revised 2-6-14

Here’s what the Little Rock YAV site is all about: The focus of Little Rock YAV site is Local Sustainability, Community Social Justice, and National Disaster Assistance.  These are issues that connect with each other.  One does not get far down the road of eco-sustainability before bumping into social justice issues like land ownership, the power of agribusiness, access to credit, factory farming, etc.  Similarly, one does not journey far along the path of social justice before realizing the importance of creation care, sustainable development, food deserts, disaster recovery assistance, and nutrition education.  The Little Rock YAVs will be exposed to these issues through engagement with camp and congregation contexts.