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Name: Jamie Karnetsky

YAV Years: YAV Years: Kenya/San Antonio 2011-2012; San Antonio 2012-2013

Now: San Antonio, TX

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What broke my heart? – My first year I made the hardest decision of my life to leave Kenya and finish my year in San Antonio, it turned in to be the best decision ever, I am now living in San Antonio and working for the agency I worked with during my YAV years. During those years however there were many things that broke my heart, the thing that keeps replaying in my mind is when the agency I worked for had to close the after school program I was working with, it was heart breaking saying goodbye to all of the children that had become my family. Fortunately I am happy to say that the program has been reopened and I am now the director of the program!

What do you miss most about your YAV year? – I miss my community the most. My community was there for me for the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I came to San Antonio half way through my first year I was welcomed with open arms and felt right at home instantly. My second year in San Antonio I still had 2 of the community members from the first year, we knew each other and really became a family. Now we are all spread throughout the US, but I know that no matter the issue if I need to I can call on anyone of my community members and they would help me in a heart beat!