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Easter sunday

the day has dawned,

the women have returned,

the tomb is empty,

and still I am in disbelief.

“Are you really here?

Are you really risen?

Have you really conquered death?”

I can scarcely

take it in.

I fall face down in the dirt

because that’s the only place

I’m worthy enough to be.

I left you.

I spent the last hours

far from the cross,

drowning my sorrows

in all but you.

I left behind

all that I

thought true.

I betrayed

all that I

thought sacred.

still, you are here for me.

still, you rose for me.

still, you conquered death for me.

all I can do

is spit the dust

from my mouth,

lift my heart

to heaven

and cry,





Lynnea was born and raised in Johnson City, TN, and after moving away for a few years (including North Carolina and Northern Ireland,) she decided to come back home to the mountains. After her YAV year, she decided to go into public education. She finished her Master’s in Teaching at East Tennessee State University and got a faculty position at Liberty Bell Middle School where she currently teaches 8th grade English. Twitter